Favourite Pieces

After making lots of different pieces this past year, I’ve come to realize that I do have some favourites. And when I say favourites, I mean those I like enough to put on a list of pieces I personally want.

I’ve found that sometimes it’s because of the yarn chosen. The right or the wrong yarn can make or break a project. One of my favourite small projects was a scarf (although listed as a shawl) called the Pacific Lace Shawl in a fingering weight yarn. Stroll gradient in Pet Rock. Full of large segments of gorgeous lace work, the black to grey to off-white yarn was a perfect match. One of those pieces that I’d love to duplicate for myself and as a bonus, it was a relatively quick knit once you got on a roll with the pattern.

Another of my favourites is the Easy Heirloom Throw. The pattern comes in two sizes but it is fairly simple to customize into the size you need. This blanket is incredible to see and with it’s tight weave, it is lovely and warm too. Instead of a throw or afghan, I’m hoping to make it into a king size blanket for the bed.

This blanket was a Christmas present for my folks. Super bulky wool blend yarns and using both the Seed Stitch as well as the Andalusian Stitch. I love the dynamic difference of the two stitches.

One of my other favourites was a lovely baby blue shawl in a soft cotton blend. This was a christmas present for my daughter. Another I had a hard time letting go of.

I am looking at my WIP project Bags knowing very well there may be a favourite or two in there as well. Eventually I’ll get around to finishing them.


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