The Journey Begins

Life is messy and chaotic and while most of us wouldn’t change a thing about it, we all need that special something that help with the stress relief.  We all have one (hopefully we all do) and as we are all individuals, so are the activities that help us shed the stress of the day to day dogma we lovingly call our lives.

Stress had kicked it up a notch almost two years ago when I crazily went back to school at 44 years of age.  Yep.  I think (and often repeat it to myself as my own personal mantra) that I lost my mind when I thought going back to school for 4.5 years was a great idea to get my Bachelor of Business Accounting degree.  Almost half way in and my life consists of school, work and family.  Some days it feels like it just bounces between work and school. With all the stress of learning to learn again, classes, exams, work and life in general, I needed something to help relieve my stress levels but wasn’t a time commitment.  I needed to be free to pick it up and drop it at my will.

My fabulous friend Di suggested knitting.  My mum taught be to knit when I was younger and she and I knitted my daughters baby blanket together but I never really did much with those skills.  After a weekend visit with my friend, I was a knitting beast!!so   I was trying all sorts of patterns and just going wild with experimenting with different yarns etc.  Best of all it worked.  Even with the rush to get everything done in time for the holidays, I felt the stress slip away when I picked up my latest project.  Oh, and please don’t ask me how many WIPs I have currently as I’m not entirely sure lol.

This blog is me sharing information, work I’ve done, am doing, am going to do.  Links to patterns, yarns, etc.  You name it, if it involves yarn and needles, it will be featured at some point on here.

Any questions, comments, sharing of your own work, recommendations etc are all welcome here.  Please feel free to contact me and I look forward to sharing ideas, projects and stories with you.





This piece has since been finished and sent to Texas for a Christmas present.  The yarn is Stroll Gradient in Pet Rock which is a fingering weight yarn.  A superwash Merino wool and nylon blend.  It was fabulous to work with and I loved how the black worked itself into an off-white.  This project was a hard one to let go of.  The pattern is the Pacific Lace Shawl even though it is more of a scarf than a shawl.




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